Santa Fe Real Estate Testimonial

One of the best things about working in the Santa Fe real estate market is the awesome people we get to meet! We love all of our clients because we get the thrill of helping them in a major life decision, whether it be buying a home or selling a home in Santa Fe. We don’t take that job lightly. We work hard as if it were a close family member we were helping.

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It was exciting when one of our recent clients, Betsy, left us an amazing video testimonial (thanks, Betsy!) after we helped her sell her Santa Fe home. Here’s a video of her testimonial along with the text underneath:

Santa Fe Real Estate Testimonial for Darlene Streit

“So I met Darlene recently. She came into my living room, sat down, and immediately I liked her. I felt like I trusted her. She just had this amazing presence of energy that was positive. And I feed off that because I love positive people. But not only that… that rapport that I had immediately with her… she is excellent in what she does. She’s the number one realtor for a reason and I felt that… before she even told me. But I appreciated knowing that because she sells high end homes and I want her selling my home. She knows her stuff and she pays attention to detail. I’m very detailed… if I have a question no matter what time it is and need it answered, she gets me the answer. And, you know, it’s so interesting because in the last couple of days I’ve already passed her name to several people who are looking at a home. So that’s super exciting because I love being able to refer in confidence knowing that they are going to be well taken care of and Darlene is your girl if you want to sell your house!”

If you are buying or selling a home in, or around, Santa Fe, New Mexico, contact Darlene via 505.920.8001.


Enjoy a buying or selling process filled with ease, efficiency, and the depth of experience that only Darlene can provide. Call, text or email today.