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With unparalleled experience and an annual investment of nearly $350,000 for marketing, Darlene Streit puts the power of her extensive network behind your sale.

"Darlene Streit is a force of nature in the world of real estate! Since results speak for themselves, here are mine: she managed the staging and sale of my home and sold it within a week. BAM! I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Those are powerful words, particularly when considering the demanding standards that high-end luxury home sellers have for closing their properties on time and for list price or more.

But that level of satisfaction is only achieved through someone who is an industry innovator. Darlene understands that real estate is about exposure and resources—and how to maximize the latter dramatically enhances the former.

Darlene Streit's commitment to her clients is matched only by her investment in ensuring their homes receive the attention and exposure they deserve.

Backed by Sotheby's International Realty considerable marketing presence in tandem with her own extensive marketing, Darlene exhausts every available avenue to ensure a property reaches its intended audience.

Darlene is a doer. She has curated her own extensive network of buyers and vendors and real estate contacts—an international reach unrivaled in Santa Fe. She possesses a deep-seated understanding of the different media and communication channels necessary to facilitate successful sales.

"Darlene Streit has tremendous marketing skills. The pictures and video of our home were very impressive. Our home sold in a month's time at close to our asking price."

Whether a client needs a broad canvassing approach or demands more targeted strategies, Darlene invests each year in sophisticated and relevant marketing efforts.

She markets properties through websites, real estate publications, local media, videos, social media, direct mail, and worldwide internet syndications. Her comprehensive marketing program is extensive and includes digital, print, and direct mail with an international reach. 

"Darlene is an absolute find. I interviewed several realtors and knew immediately that she could/would get the job done, and she did. I needed the property sold and did not live in New Mexico. Darlene listed, staged, and sold my property in a short period of time."

Darlene has designed and implemented a profoundly influential network of websites, social media outreach, advertising, direct mail, e-marketing, videos, and publications to connect with prospective sellers and buyers worldwide.

And it's not a "one and done" effort either. Her comprehensive program is far-reaching, a global network that works for you 24 hours a day, positioning and selling your property worldwide.

Lauded for her innovative marketing solutions that combine "cutting edge technology with best-in-class customer service," Darlene elevates real estate sales to both a science and an art.

The success of her commitment is undeniable. And her valued buyers and sellers are the ones who reap the rewards.

Since 2010, Darlene has been the top sales broker in Santa Fe and the State of New Mexico (according to the Santa Fe Association of Realtors MLS). She closed more than $264 million in sales in 2020 alone, based on Sotheby's International Realty volume.

Darlene is the number two broker within Sotheby's International Realty's company-owned agencies nationwide and is ranked 22nd in the entire country, according to 2020 RealTrends rankings.

It's not just volume that keeps Darlene's service and expertise so sought after amongst the luxury market. She consistently sells her clients' home in less time and for more money.

If you're selling or buying a property, having Darlene's powerful marketing program and resources behind you ensures all the elements for success are on your side. Call or text Darlene today at 505.920.8001, or email her directly at


Enjoy a buying or selling process filled with ease, efficiency, and the depth of experience that only Darlene can provide. Call, text or email today.

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