Santa Fe is one of the nation's hottest luxury relocation markets. If you ever dreamed of fully maximizing your home selling ROI, now is the time to do it, and Darlene Streit is the broker to help you realize it.

There's little question that selling a home in Santa Fe is an emotional experience. 

First, there's the parting of ways with a home full of memories. Or letting go of that perfect retreat or gorgeous plot of land, now that your plans have changed.

But selling a home is more than a matter of the heart. There are genuine financial stakes involved. After all, much went into making your luxury estate your own, and you want to hit that sweet spot where market timing, motivated buyers, and rising values converge. 

Thankfully, Darlene Streit is a broker that appreciates the ups and downs that accompany relinquishing a premier property. She also recognizes that if a potential sale is on your mind, there have been few better times than now to capitalize on the demand for Santa Fe luxury real estate.

Not Your First Time, Nor Darlene's

Darlene knows this isn't the first time you've sold a property or moved on to a new chapter in your life. She gets it—there are the emotional vestiges of moving on, the logistics to handle, and the financial rewards to be realized, all at once. You can't start the future until the past is tied up neatly and put aside, and eager to sell your multimillion-dollar estate quickly, and for top dollar. 

Darlene has proven her worth time and again to clients in all manner of transition, building an international network of contacts and clients. 

The former is a cadre of real estate specialists—stagers, photographers, copywriters, marketers—who will ensure your property shines bright when the listing goes live. The latter, a carefully curated network of brokers and agents and their motivated buyers, waiting for their opportunity to enter the Santa Fe market.

That's where Darlene's valuable expertise and experience stand as an asset for your sale. She untangles the emotional and financial home selling burdens for you. 

Available 24/7, partnering with Darlene secures you a real estate broker and professional staff working tirelessly on your behalf. She and they position your home to reach its maximum market potential, from house prep and the initial listing to marketing and showings on through to inspections, negotiation, and the final sale. 

A Midas Marketing Touch

That positioning includes a powerful marketing apparatus, head and shoulders above other agents in Santa Fe. Darlene commits nearly $350,000 in annual marketing to help clients sell their homes.

This sophisticated program is vast in scope and includes every channel imaginable—websites, real estate publications, local media, videos, social media, direct mail, and internet syndications. And her reach is international. A global audience of luxury buyers and investors pay close attention when Darlene comes calling with a new Santa Fe listing.

Darlene's own marketing network is supplemented with global real estate house Sotheby's marketing on her behalf. She delivers for clients and sold over $264 million in 2020 alone, an impressive feat given the small Southwestern retreat that is Santa Fe.

For Sotheby's International Realty, Darlene is the top broker in Santa Fe and New Mexico for properties over $1 million, and number two nationally in sales volume for all individual agents. Overall, she ranks No. 22 in the entire United States among all individual real estate professionals, by sales volume. 

The Time is Now

Market forces in Santa Fe are aligning in a manner that few could foretell at the onset of COVID-19. Inventory is down, and interest in Santa Fe's unique, culturally rich upscale community is sky-high.

Buyers are re-examining where they live for many reasons—the pandemic, big-city burnout, the opportunity to work from home, that chance to improve their quality of life. 

Great homes priced well sell fast. If you ever wondered if the time would come to get even more out of your luxury home or property than what you put into, that time is now.

Find out for yourself how Darlene can make the process of buying or selling your home one of ease and success. Call or text Darlene today at 505.920.8001 or email her directly at


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