5 Best Places to Live in Florida

5 Best Places to Live in Florida
Welcome to Florida, the state filled with year-round summer temperature, 825 miles of beaches that are never more than two hours away, and one of America’s favorite destinations, whether people are looking for a memorable vacation, a great place to live, or a welcoming place to retire.

The Florida real estate market has seen record-setting sales in 2022, and no matter how the inventory grows, it cannot seem to keep up with the demand. Homes are moving from listing to contract quickly!

Clearly, Florida is the place to be, but where are people moving, and what is drawing them there? Here are five of the most sought-after regions of Florida and some of their best features.

North Florida

Florida as we know it began in the panhandle when the Spanish established a permanent settlement at St. Augustine in the 16th century. Proud of its reputation as the oldest city in America, St. Augustine exhibits rich historical charm, with the well-preserved Castillo de San Marco standing watch over the shops, galleries, and restaurants in a very walkable downtown.

Present-day St. Augustine is a beautiful place for water recreation, such as beach-going and sailing. Residents and visitors alike enjoy a vibrant cultural and musical scene. The job market is full of opportunities, with the promise of more growth in years to come.

Throughout the Florida panhandle, residents enjoy a calmer and quieter lifestyle than some of the flashier South Florida locales. Nonetheless, for many, this simply adds to the appeal, as does comparatively reasonable costs of living, milder temperatures (with even a slight hint of changing seasons), and the charming beach towns that line the northern Gulf Coast.

West Florida

All eyes are on Tampa in western Florida. In Niche’s ranking system of best places to live in Florida, six distinct Tampa neighborhoods scored in the top ten, including Hyde Park and historic Hyde Park, Harbour Island, Palma Ceia West, Courier City, and Carver City. Tampa has experienced phenomenal growth in recent years, and it has become an enormous draw for international businesses to establish headquarters and distribution centers. Extensive work has been done and continues to make downtown an even more liveable community. Tampa offers all of the attractions and activities of a large city, from team sporting events to shopping and dining. It also features plenty of opportunities for water sports and recreation.

Central Florida

Orlando is arguably the best-known city in Florida, thanks to one little mouse and a great big whale. Over time, Orlando has become a prime family vacation destination for tourists from around the world, but Orlando is a highly sought-after place to live in its own right. Like neighboring Tampa to the southwest, many of the communities that make up metropolitan Orlando are among the best places to live in Florida, including Park Lake, Downtown, Uptown, and Thornton Park.

Orlando’s location makes it a great launch point for adventures across the state. Beaches and other cities are a quick road trip away, whenever you need a break from the tourists. The economy is strong, thanks to Orlando’s prominence as the theme park capital of the world. Excellent school options don’t end with high school, as Rollins College and the University of Central Florida help thousands of students continue in quality higher education.

South Florida

Palm Beach real estate leads the way in high desirability and with good reason. This long, narrow island stretches from Riviera Beach at its northern end to South Palm Beach at its southern tip. The island faces the Atlantic Ocean to the east and Lake Worth Lagoon to the west. Due to a shipwreck in 1878 of a Spanish ship transporting 20,000 coconuts, enterprising local settlers planted the salvaged coconuts, creating a lush, tropical feel and giving the region its name. 

Palm Beach homes for sale have earned the community the distinction of topping the South Florida real estate market. The median list price for houses is currently $2.05 million, or $660 per square foot.  While the market has experienced dramatic fluctuations in the prices of Palm Beach real estate in the last three years, the last few months have yielded more predictable, steady growth. Demand continues to outpace supply, as it seems everyone wants to own a share of paradise.

Whether you’d like to spend your days relaxing at the beach, snorkeling or paddleboarding, or whether you’ll be driving children to and from the top-rated schools, you’ll have breath-taking views of crystal blue waters, sparkling white sand, and lush, colorful vegetation to make it feel like paradise. Niche recognizes Palm Beach County as one of the best places to live in Florida, and it’s in the top ten of ideal locations for families. A wide range of attractions ensures that you’ll never run out of opportunities to experience, learn, and grow.

East Florida

Fort Lauderdale is a moderately-sized city that offers community events and festivals, as well as Riverwalk Fort Lauderdale and Las Olas Boulevard as year-round outdoor gathering spaces. The riverwalk features pedestrian paths along both sides of the waterfront through downtown and is adjoined to shops, restaurants, parks, and public transportation. Las Olas offers premium shopping experiences co-mingled with coffee shops and cafes. The city’s overall vibe is laid-back and easygoing, despite the bustle of so many great things to do.

Fort Lauderdale is a colorful city, filled with waterways, so many that it earned itself the nickname of the “Venice of America.” Fort Lauderdale is a gateway to the world with numerous cruise lines launching from the port here, and the combination of parks, waterways, and warm weather make Fort Lauderdale an outdoor enthusiast’s playground.

Making the Move

If the Florida lifestyle is exactly what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to reach out to Darlene Streit. Learn more about Palm Beach real estate and begin finding your place in the Sunshine State. Reach out by calling Darlene at (561) 531-2727 or email [email protected] today!

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