What to Look for When Choosing a Family-Friendly Southeast, FL Neighborhood

What to Look for When Choosing a Family-Friendly Southeast, FL Neighborhood
Whether you're a first-time homebuyer or you’re planning on relocating for a great job opportunity, looking for Southeast Florida homes for sale and investigating the potential future town is essential. Providing your child with a nourishing environment is crucial, so look beyond the house and peer into the neighborhood in which it resides. Take your time here! Have open, honest conversations with your spouse and family members about their priorities and set realistic expectations when seeking a suitable locale. Fortunately, several Southeast Florida communities offer many captivating amenities your whole family will love.
From Royal Palm Beach to Wellington, Southeast Florida offers various family-friendly neighborhoods. The question is, how do you find one suitable for your family? There are many considerations when relocating with children, including community amenities, neighborhood ratings, schools, parks, and more to ensure they have an environment where they can thrive.
Here are some key elements to look out for when choosing the right Southeast Florida neighborhood for your growing family.

Make a list

Just as you would have a list of requirements in mind when choosing a home, think of jotting down a list detailing what you desire in a neighborhood. Consider the things you won’t compromise and what you’re willing to sacrifice. For example – schools, your commute to work, whether you wish to live near urban amenities, and every element you need and want in a community. Factor your lifestyle into your list! Determining your must-haves will make your search for a home significantly more manageable.

Excellent schools

Finding a neighborhood with excellent local school systems is crucial when moving with kids. Before choosing a community, you could visit some public and private daycares and elementary, middle, and high schools. An excellent education can set your children up for successful futures, making this a priority when finding a home. To help determine whether a school district is good, check its test scores and data, programming, sports programs, extracurricular activities, and whether it has a Parent Teacher Organization or Association. GreatSchools is one resource that supports parents seeking an excellent education for their kids. You could check there in addition to speaking with your real estate agent about good schools in your neighborhood of interest.


There’s nothing quite like living in a home that’s walking distance to the park, grocery store, and other daily necessities! Living close to shops, restaurants, schools, and playgrounds can be a good opportunity for yourself and your kids to enjoy some physical activity. Additionally, being conveniently located to your favorite spots means less time spent commuting, that could save you some rush-hour frustration. For a quick look into a neighborhood’s walkability, type it into Walk Score.

Current value of housing

Find out what homes in the neighborhood are currently valued, then ask a South Florida real estate agent how that compares with the average value five to ten years earlier. Has the area seen any recent upgrades? Is the agent aware of any upcoming developments? Be sure to make a list of questions to ask your agent about the neighborhood you’re interested in.

Parks and recreation

Spending time outdoors romping around the playground, flying on the swings, and climbing monkey bars is one of the greatest joys of childhood. Do a thorough check of how many parks a neighborhood offers. Ask yourself: Is there a park within walking distance? Is it a short drive away? What amenities does the park have? If you get the chance, visit a few of them to get a feel for how family-friendly they are and see what amenities they feature. If you can envision yourself enjoying family picnics and ball games at the park, chatting up your friends while your kids socialize, you’ve found the right neighborhood.

Sights and sounds

Once you’ve done some research, it’s time to visit neighborhoods in person. Keep reading to see what to look for when visiting communities to assess if they align with your family’s goals.

  • First impressions matter. Note the neighborhood’s curb appeal, if the homes are well-maintained, if the restaurants look inviting, etc.
  • Can you imagine yourself living there? Are things you enjoy every day within reach? Spend time walking around and decide if it’s the right place for your family to settle down.
  • Visit the community. Drive the streets in the daytime and nighttime and note how you feel at those different times. Do you feel welcome and comfortable? Are families out and about, or do you mostly see professionals and empty-nesters?
  • Listen. The soundscape might include nature sounds, city noise, train tracks, bar chatter, and other audio clues as to whether the neighborhood fits your family’s lifestyle.
  • Talk to locals. Engage restaurant and business owners, families, and other friendly passersby to get a sense of what life is like there.

The perfect family home

Now that you have a sense of what to look for in a neighborhood, it’s time to think about what your Southeast Florida real estate must possess for your family to be happy and flourish.

  • Outdoor space is a significant factor when choosing a family home. It’s difficult to find big backyards in high-development areas. Fortunately, plenty of sizable Florida homes for sale fit the bill. After all, a happy family loves a nice big yard with a barbecue and a fence — the perfect backdrop for creating lifelong memories.
  • Open or eat-in kitchens are trending. The kitchen is the heart of the home, making an open or eat-in kitchen ideal for families to spend time together. You’ll be grateful for the space to discuss your kid’s school day while you prepare a beautiful home-cooked meal for your kin.
  • Bedrooms. You can never have too many bedrooms, especially if you plan to expand your family. Even if you only have one or two children, having spare bedrooms is handy for guests, pets, and playrooms.
  • Laundry rooms are so important when you have a family! The larger the family, the larger the pile of laundry, and having a dedicated laundry room is a huge plus.
Are you looking for a Southeast Florida home where you and your family can thrive? Contact Darlene Streit to assist you with your Southeast Florida real estate needs. Your picture-perfect family home awaits!

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